About The Daily Mojo

The Daily Mojo was conceived in 2018 by the late Michael “Doc” Thompson as the cultural landscape of America rapidly changed.

Join Brad Staggs and Producer Ron Phillips every weekday to get your fix of libertarian, conservative talk with a bit of comedy thrown in. This is what the 1st Amendment was made for! Psst… It’s mostly comedy!

The Daily Mojo is discussion and the lampooning of topical events from a conservative / libertarian perspective.

TRIGGER WARNING: If you are a safe-space dwelling Snowflake, you’re in the wrong place.



Brad Stagg's knowledge of broadcasting is evident in his role as on-air host of The Daily Mojo, a weekday radio show/podcast he's helmed since 2019.  He got his start as an on-air host at KGIL radio in Los Angeles in 1985.  Brad has excelled in Radio/TV broadcasting throughout his career.

Ron Phillips (aka Producer Ron) made his mark in radio in 1986 as a top-40 DJ and has been keeping the audience laughing ever since… but not because he’s good at radio! He’s also a proud veteran of the United States Air Force and supports veteran’s causes around the country.